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Empowering Community Through Basketball

In recent years there has been incredible energy and investment in the downtown region of Indianapolis.  The city is experiencing a movement of people back to it's core after years of residents fleeing to the suburbs.  With streams of people moving in many new restaurants, shops, and other small businesses are popping up to service the burgeoning population. It is an exciting time to be living in Indianapolis.  


Culturally there isn't any single institution in Indiana that transcends the different groups we belong to - race, class, gender, religion, profession- like basketball.  It is a simple game that we Hoosiers have embraced like no other people in the world.  For this reason the game is a great tool in bringing diverse groups of people together for collaboration.

It is our aim at The City League to use the energy generated by high level basketball to provide a platform. A platform that the people, businesses, organizations, and community groups - both old and new- in our area can utilize for their specific purposes.  We see The City League as a hub for community activity the 7 weeks the Boner Fitness and Learning Center gymnasium is alive in June, July, & August. We are a part of the effort to elevate the quality of life for residents in our city, Indianapolis.

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