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Queens of the Court

The City League, Queens of the Court, is creating an opportunity for women’s basketball in Central Indiana. The City League is where community oriented basketball comes to life. The female basketball community across the state of Indiana has been overshadowed by the popularity of men’s basketball for years. A big problem is that there aren’t any well organized women’s leagues in Central Indiana for competitive women to compete and showcase their abilities after they have aged out of traditional organized basketball. In lieu of this we have created Queens of the Court.

Queens of the Court not only refers to the game of basketball , but how the game initiates change. This league is building a culture for women’s hoops in Central Indiana. The goal of QOC is to create a platform to showcase women's basketball so that young girls in Indianapolis have athletic women to look up to as role models and be mentored by.  We value female empowerment. Whether it be to create more opportunities for female athletes or increase the visibility of the women’s game, we are advocates for equal opportunity, inclusivity and opening doors for females.

T-Shirt League

TCL Queens of the Court's T-Shirt League is a competitive, recreational league for adult women played twice a year - one session in the fall and one session in the spring.  Teams are named after women who have influence in the city of Indianapolis.  Games are played at Shortridge High School on Sunday nights. 

Fall 2021 Champions

Shirley Webster Champs.png

Team Shirley Webster (L-R): Amanda Davidson, Porchia Green, Abby Abel, Brandi Janai Carter, Shirley Webster, Brionna Arnold, JJ Williams, Kate Gahimer, and AD Williams.

Spring 2022 Champions

Sarita Sharp Champs.jpg

Team Sarita Sharp (L-R): Sophie Brooks, Amy Selk, Demi Johnson, Sharika Webb, Jenna Sullivan, Candace Jones, Dejah Cyrus

Not Pictured: Jes Wright

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